Waterborne 2K PU Sealer

Waterborne 2K PU sealer based on polyurethane to renovate surface protection and to be used as a new coating on design floors, PVC & Linoleum. This hardwearing coating offers a very good adhesion as well as high elasticity. it is highly resilient and abrasion resistant and offers a better resistance against common household disinfectants.

Due to its excellent levelling Saicos 2K PU Elastic is easy and safe to use. The high solid content reduces dirt attraction and reduces maintenance efforts.


Hardener 2K (9608)

By adding the hardener 2k the surfaces dries quicker - especially under difficult conditions. eg high humidity.

Basic Cleaner Concentrate

Saicos Basic Cleaner for design flooring, PVC & Linoleum is a concentrated intense cleaner for all water resistant, alkali sensitive floor coverings. Especially for design floors, PVC and linoleum. Also suitable for natural or artificial stone, limestone, clay, brick and natural rubber. Also removes strongest dirt.

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