Wood Floor Installation

Our range of flooring services includes fitting of various types of wooden flooring, subfloor preparation & levelling and finishing works such as skirting boards / beading installation, doors / door frames trimming, insulation fitting and damp proofing.


One of the most integral aspects of the wood floor installation is proper subfloor preparation. Before getting down to the wood floor fitting your new floor, there are things that need to be done to ensure proper and long lasting floor installation.

Methods of Wood Installation

It is recommended that the engineered plank flooring should be installed by means of direct gluing to the subfloor, however 21mm thick engineered flooring can be directly nailed to joists if they are at 400mm centres or less. This product can be laid as a floating floor but this can result in some spring within the floor, reduce efficiency of under-floor heating performance and lead to the requirement of very large expansion gaps if the floor area is larger than 5 metres in width. 

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