Sanding & Re Oiling your existing Wooden Floor

Over time, the rich colour & texture of wooden floors may fade. Thornton Flooring can restore your wooden floors to their former glory. Using a dust dree sanding machine to remove the protective layer from your floor, making it smooth, clean and ready to apply a new finish. 


Wood floor sanding is just a stage in the wood floor restoration process that relates to the preparation of the timber surface. Sanding removes the protective layer of your floors - be it varnish, oil or hardwax-oil and makes their surface smooth, clean and ready to the new finish.Sometimes thinner or cracked board or loose parquet block may need to be re-fitted, or entirely replaced if parts of the floor have been damaged due to moisture, wearing and lack of solidness..

We are proud of professional range of sanding equipment and our time prooved methods, used to prepare the timber surface and give it a uniform, smooth and fine finish. Our floor sanding equipment is Dust Free - although due to the nature of the sanding process some small amount of dust particles remain uncaptured. Our floormen, however, will provide dust sheets during the job, so that all areas where even small amount of dust is undesirable can be properly sealed and protected during our floor sanding service. 

Once your wood floors have been sanded, stained and gap filled to perfection, we can get down to finalising the job and seal the bear wood surface. Sealing the floor using quality lacquers or oils is crucial. We use professional trade products created by the flooring industry leaders Bona, Saicos & Morrells.

Our range of floor finishes include water-based single component clear lacquers designed for domestic wearing; two-component commercial grade lacquers.


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